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PostSubject: BATMAN ESCALATION   Tue Feb 13, 2007 10:39 am

Hey guys this has been a script I have been writing for the past few months its a direct sequel to Batman Begins. Comments will be greatly appreaited.

Synopsis of Batman Escalation
The fight for injustice continues. A year after Bruce Wayne took on the cape and cowl he faces new challenges. Around Gotham a new killer has been leaving Joker cards and his victims left smiling at scenes of the crime. While under the investigations of this new killer, three mob bosses plan for war to take over Gotham City. As well as that Batman life becomes harder when a female jewel thief known as Catwoman comes on the scene and turns out to be the women affecting his choice for giving up the cowl for good, to seek a better life. Allied with Lt James Gordon and his collage friend as well as new DA Harvey Dent, Batman tries to stop the Joker from unleashing his vengeance upon Gotham City.

Fade In:

Itís a dark stormy night and two Police officers are inspecting some dead bodies found in the murky black water near the docks. One police officer walks up to the other officer who is looking at one of the bodies in a perplexing manner.

Cop 1: What is it this time?
Cop 2: Just another killing, but the victim is smiling.
Cop 1: It seems that this has been happening all over the city.
Cop 2: What do you mean?
Cop 1: There have been loads of bodies found with the victims smiling.
Cop 2: Strange times these are.

Suddenly in the pitch black darkness of the night, a loud sound is head. It is the sound of evil cackling. The two police officers abruptly turn around in fear.

Cop 1: Did you hear that?
Cop 2: Yes I did. Letís get out of here; this place is giving me the creeps.
Cop 1: Keep yourself together man, we can get through this.

The second cop notices a strange object on the floor. He picks it up, the object is a playing card of some sort, as he turns the card around he notices the Joker on it, the evil cackling starts again.

Suddenly a huge explosion erupts and both of the cops die suddenly a lone figure emerges from the fire.
Joker: Arenít Tragedies extremely funny.
Suddenly he throws a Joker Card and the card lands Joker faced up.
Roll into Credits.

Press flood outside City Hall and greet new Junior Assistant DA Harvey Dent AKA Two-Face. (He Becomes Two-Face in Batman War Games)

Reporter: Hi, Iím Vicky Vale with Gotham News- Live at the Town Hall, where new junior DA Harvey Dent has arrived. Iím here with Harvey. Harvey, as new Junior Assistant DA Harvey do you have a message for the criminals of this city.
Harvey Dent: Well, Vicky, any criminal who thinks they can get away with crime in this city will be punished with the full power of the justice system.
Reporter: And what are your thoughts on the Batman.
Harvey Dent: Assuming he is on the side of good he can be a huge help for this city.
Reporter: Thank you, Harvey. Now, back to John in the studio.

TV Newscaster: Thanks, Vicky. Just to recap, Mr. dent has been elected to this prestigious position following his spree of prosecutions where he put many gangsters rumoured to be under the employ of Boss Oswald Cobblepot, the crime lord and arms dealer commonly known as the Penguin, behind bars.

Exit Scene.

Scene Change

In a skyscraper not so far away the Mob Boss Oswald Copplepot, a man of wealth, class, and fear among Gotham Cityís criminal underworld of organised crime is sitting round a big conference table. He is short fat man with a top hat, glass eye and has a long cigar in mouth.
Penguin: That son of a Cow Harvey Dent has rounded up mostly all my men, I canít look weak. What do you suggest I do?
Around the table six men of the Penguins are sitting.
Man One: Bind ya time Boss.
Man Two: Wage war.
Man Three: Go after Harvey Dent.
Penguin: Bind my time hmmm maybe I can wait gather my strength then wage war on Rupert Thorn. It has been far too long since we last fought each other, the last time he won but this time I will not let down my guard.
Man Four: That is all fine and well Boss, but what about the Batman boss? What do we do about him?
Penguin: Donít worry Gibbons I already have somebody to deal with him. Oh here he comes.
Suddenly a tall and quite muscular man comes in. He speaks in a Latino accent.
Penguin: Mr Bane you know what to do I assume.
Bane: Break the Bat. By the way where is my money Mr Copplepot.
Penguin: You shell get it as soon as I have Batmanís head on my desk.

Ext Scene

Scene Change

In the big glorious wonder that is Wayne Manor the young master that is Bruce Wayne, wakes up after a nightmare. By his bedside is his ever loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth, who has been serving the Wayne family for nearly two generations.

Alfred: Master Bruce are you okay, I head you shouting in your sleep again, were you having a nightmare?
Bruce Wayne: I was having a nightmare Alfred but this one was very different from the usual one I normally have.
Alfred: You mean the nightmare where you see your parents getting shot and you are trying to run towards them but canít get to them in time.
Bruce Wayne: Thatís the one I usually have but this was far more terrifying.
Alfred: Tell me about it.
Bruce Wayne: It starts of with a woman, I canít see her face but she is talking. Her voice is gentle; she is trying to tell me to stop doing something. Then I see a man with a gun, he is laughing and he is approaching this woman in a dark alley corner. She is the same woman from the earlier part of the nightmare and I just hear her say ďBruce if our son is still alive then watch over him, I love you.Ē Then there were a flash of images of a woman dying and a man laughing. Then the nightmare ends with me taking of my Batman mask of and shooting a man in a place called Arkham Asylum. I think it is a mental institute of some sort.
Alfred: It is Master Wayne, the old Arkham where Dr Crane used to work is got closed down a couple of monthís age and they have nearly finished building the new one.
Bruce Wayne: What time is it Alfred?
Alfred: It is currently 12.00pm.
Bruce Wayne: Oh no my board meeting, I missed it.
Alfred: Itís alright Master Bruce; I took the liberty of rescheduling your 9.00 meeting to this afternoon.
Bruce Wayne: Thank you Alfred.
Alfred: So Master Bruce how is matiance of the cave going.
Bruce Wayne: It is going fine; the big computer should be come soon.
Alfred: Sorry for not being with the times Master Bruce but what big computer are you talking about?
Bruce Wayne: This new big computer will help me keep me a tab on criminals more easily.
Alfred: It certainly sounds impressive Master Bruce.
Bruce Wayne: It certainly does. Any news this morning Alfred?

Suddenly Alfred and Bruce Wayne hear a news report about the Joker.

Newscaster: Just last night there has been another attack by a criminal now dubbed the Joker at the docks. These are the many of the attacks that has been happening around Gotham where the Joker has left the mark of his crimes. Normally at the scene his victims are left smiling and Joker cards are left near the scene. Gotham Police Departmentís Comminser Loeb has said no comment to this attack.

Bruce Wayne: I should keep an extra eye on the streets when I am out.
Alfred: This Joker character sounds like a tricky costumer.
Bruce Wayne: Which is why I should keep an extra eye out? So Alfred any events in the social calendar tonight.
Alfred: I do believe you have an opera to go to tonight.
Bruce Wayne: Come on Alfred, you know I hate opera.
Alfred: I see Batman hates opera but Bruce Wayne must appear to have a love for the theatrical.
Bruce Wayne: All a part of concealing my identity.
Alfred: Quite right Master Wayne. Now how would a nice bit of English tea do?
Bruce Wayne: It would be just fine, thank you Alfred.
Alfred: My Pleasure Master Bruce.

Ext Scene

Scene Change

Bruce Wayne greets Harvey Dent at the entrance to the opera.

Bruce Wayne: Hey Harvey, I have not seen you since the good old Princeton days.
Harvey Dent: Hey Bruce, I see life is good with you.
Bruce Wayne: Yes it is, very much so.
Harvey Dent: Just tell me one thing Bruce, why did you leave Princeton?
Bruce Wayne: I guess I had to clear my head.
Harvey Dent: The loss of a loved one is always a hard thing to bear. I expected you by now to have settled down, I mean you are 33 years old, rich and can just about have any woman you want.
Bruce Wayne: I guess I have not met the right woman yet, Harvey.
Harvey Dent: Well you have been in lot of relationships that have not worked out, so I guess it might take you a lot longer.
Bruce Wayne: How is Gilda?
Harvey Dent: She is fine, tomorrow is our anniversary, and itís been going strong for nearly two years. She is also three months pregnant.
Bruce Wayne Congratulations Harvey, do you if it is a boy or girl yet.
Harvey Dent: No I donít yet; Gilda wants to find out just before she gives birth. You know what Bruce sometimes I really donít realise how lucky I am.
Bruce Wayne: In what sense.
Harvey Dent: Well I am lucky to have someone like Gilda; she has always been there with me through the bad times as well as the good. You know Bruce the love of a good woman can really give you all of the confidence you need in the world.
Bruce Wayne: So I hear you have already put most of the Penguinís men behind bars.
Harvey Dent: I may have most of the Penguinís men behind bars but I fear Bruce that there are more of those slimy worms nesting near the hidden parts of Gotham, some times I feel like butchering all of them.
Bruce Wayne: How can you say a thing like that especially a man in your position who serves Justice.
Harvey Dent: Well Bruce as they say Justice is blind.
Bruce Wayne: It may be blind but you still have to enforce it.
Harvey Dent: Sorry Bruce I guess I just lost control for a moment, normally people donít usually see my dark side.
Bruce Wayne: I have seen it plenty a time Harvey.

Suddenly Harvey Dent takes out a coin and starts playing with it.

Bruce Wayne: Why do you always play with that coin Harvey, even in Princeton when I ever I saw you, you were playing with that coin.
Harvey Dent: Lighten up Bruce, donít you like a little game of chance. Shell we go in?

Ext Scene

Scene Change

After the show Bruce notices a woman getting raped.

Rapist: Hay Lady, I like what your wearing, how about a little one on one action.
Selina Kyle: I am not interested bozo, why donít you go get a life instead of bothering people.
Rapist: Nobody ever talks to me like that.

Suddenly he takes a hand gun from his pocket and grabs Selina. He points the gun at her head. Then Bruce Wayne approaches from behind the rapist.

Bruce Wayne: I suggest you leave that woman alone.
Rapist: What are you are going to do if I donít then?
Bruce Wayne: ThisÖ.

Suddenly he kicks the rapist in the back, with the impact of the kick the gun falls out of his hand. Bruce picks it up and points it at the rapist.

Bruce Wayne: Now get out of here or by God I would not afraid to shoot you here right now.

The mugger goes off into the cold night after that.

Selina Kyle: Thank you for saving me.
Bruce Wayne: It was nothing Miss.
Selina Kyle: So what is the name of my knight in shining armour?
Bruce Wayne: Bruce Wayne, and who might I have the pleasure of saving.
Selina Kyle: Selina Kyle; Mr Wayne you are quite different from what I hear of you in the papers.
Bruce Wayne: Call me Bruce; yes the papers do have quite an image of me.
Selina Kyle: Call me Selina; is it true you were engaged to a Hollywood actress and were dating two other women at the same time.
Bruce Wayne: No thatís the tabloids talking; they always link me in with Hollywood for some reason.
Selina Kyle: Well what do I owe you for saving my life Bruce?
Bruce Wayne: Well I would very much like to take you out for dinner one evening.
Selina Kyle: Are you asking me out Bruce?
Bruce Wayne: Yes it would appear so.
Selina Kyle: How does Tuesday sound to you, about 8 no 9pm?
Bruce Wayne: Its sounds fine Selina, so itís a date.
Selina Kyle: So it is.
Bruce Wayne: So Selina what do you do?
Selina Kyle: Oh I have a night job.
Bruce Wayne: And what kind of night job would that be then?
Selina Kyle: Oh would you look at the time, I have to go home a feed my Cat.
Bruce Wayne: Your cat?
Selina Kyle: She eats so much; well it was nice meeting you Bruce.

Selina gives Bruce a kiss on the cheek and then goes of into the night. Suddenly Harvey Dent comes towards Bruce.
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PostSubject: Re: BATMAN ESCALATION   Tue Feb 13, 2007 10:41 am

Harvey Dent: How do you do it Bruce?
Bruce Wayne: Do what Harvey.
Harvey Dent: You seem to be able to ask a woman out with absolute ease.
Bruce Wayne: Well Harvey to tell you the truth it comes with experience.
Harvey Dent: Well you sure know how to pick them. I mean that girl you just saved, she is stunning.
Bruce Wayne: She is quite the heart beater.
Harvey Dent: Also where did you learn to fight like that, that rapist was twice your size?
Bruce Wayne: Well Harvey I did pick it up from here and there.
Harvey Dent: Which women do you prefer I always have loved Asians?
Bruce Wayne: I have always had a soft spot for blondes.
Harvey Dent: Blondes, in my experience all the blondes I have dated are either really stuck up or just generally Cow about their ex boyfriends.
Bruce Wayne: I have never gotten that.
Harvey Dent: Let me tell you one thing that your blonds donít have, inner beauty.
Bruce Wayne: Well as William Shakespeare said and I quote ďBeauty ness is in the eye of the beholder.Ē
Harvey Dent: I have never been an admirer of Shakespeare work. I canít believe in Princeton they actually ran a whole class on his work.
Bruce Wayne: Well I have been a casual reader of his work.
Harvey Dent: You were more the Chemistry person I thought Bruce.
Bruce Wayne: Yes I was. The professors offered me a chance to lecture a few classes before I dropped out.
Harvey Dent: I think that you could have become a lot more then what you are now.
Bruce Wayne: Well to tell you the truth I never wanted to follow in my father footsteps and become a surgeon or even the owner of Wayne Industries. I always wanted to go into politics.
Harvey Dent: Well we do need a new mayor; he is not doing anything about the crime in this city. I mean everyday more and more teenage boys are turning towards crime. Also more and more teenage girls are selling their bodies for money. I mean what has happened to Gotham; it used to be a city of elegance and opportunity. Now look at what it has become, a city of crime where the good do nothing and the corrupt rule.
Bruce Wayne: Itís good we have the Batman then.
Harvey Dent: You know what Bruce, normally I am against vigilantes but the Batman he has been a huge help for this city.
Bruce Wayne: He is indeed. Did you enjoy the show opera show Harvey?
Harvey Dent: Opera has never been one of my passions but I like to think of myself as a casual observer of it. The show was okay, I did not get the ending of it though.
Bruce Wayne: Me neither, the lovers just split up with each other even though they loved each other.
Harvey Dent: Well Bruce if you look at it from the characterís point of view (Boris) then you can see what he did felt was nessory. He felt that his duty was far more important then his love for Serena. I mean he had a huge responsibly.
Bruce Wayne: Plus it seemed that he would always be destined to be alone because of his stubbiness.
Harvey Dent: Thatís you got it.
Bruce Wayne: My parents were huge opera lovers, every year on their anniversy they would go and watch ďThe Phantom of the Opera.Ē By the way Harvey have you seen Leslie recently?
Harvey Dent: Yes I have, you should really go and see her. She is really lonely; her husband Bob passed away a couple of weeks ago. She will be very happy to see you.
Bruce Wayne: I have not seen her since I left Princeton.
Harvey Dent: She is still running the hospital near crime alley.
Bruce Wayne: I thought that closed down years ago.
Harvey Dent: No itís still going. Would you look at the time, I have to go, well see you soon Bruce and give my regards to Alfred will you.
Bruce Wayne: See you soon and extend my congratulations to Gilda.
Harvey Dent: I will, see you now.

Suddenly Bruce Wayne takes out a phone of his pocket.

Bruce Wayne: Hay Alfred would you come and pick us up.
Alfred: Okay Master Bruce I will be there in two minutes.

Two minutes later Alfred comes with a big limo.

Alfred: Did you have fun Master Bruce?
Bruce Wayne: It was okay I met Harvey Dent.
Alfred: How is the old boy?
Bruce Wayne: He is fine. He doing what he always wanted to, he is upholding the law.
Alfred: I heard he is the youngest junior DA being prompted to senior DA. So sir did you meet anyone else.
Bruce Wayne: I did, but unfortunly she ran of when I asked her about her job.
Alfred: Did she leave without stating her name?
Bruce Wayne: No, her name is Selina Kyle. I saved her from being mugged. I have a date with her next Tuesday.
Alfred: I hope you did not use any native form of fighting.
Bruce Wayne: No I did not I just gave him a little punch in the back and he seemed to get the message.

Ext Scene

Scene Change

Meanwhile in a small flat in the runned down part of Gotham City, two friends are arguing over a moral descion

Holly: You canít be serious Selina this is just wrong.
Selina Kyle: Come on Holly do you really want to remain a hooker all your life, stealing is better then that.
Holly: Well I prefer this to stealing
Selina Kyle: Oh I see you prefer being menís fantasies. You know men are just useless. They canít live without us.
Holly: What is wrong with you Selina?
Selina Kyle: Nothing, I guess I have been always so bitter. Maybe through my experiences I have seen the world for what it really is. I was left to fend for my self at the age of ten. My Mum killed her self, it still haunts me, and I was there when she stabbed herself with that huge knife. As for my father he was such an arse, he would always abuse my mother, no wonder she took her own life. My father died by the drink. From then on I was of to juvenile hall, they were so abusive. That place was devised as a private school for girls but nobody relised the truth. Who ever entered that place never came out alive, girls used to be shot and killed off one by one. They made kids do hard labour and even tortured those who not fit for work. One night I escaped and I took my chances on the mean streets of Gotham. Then I learned to fight and with my trained reflexes I used to steal for a leaving. Holly you have been the closest thing to a friend and sister to me.
Holly: By the way how was the opera thingy?
Selina Kyle: It was fine, guess who I bumped into.
Holly: Who Selina?
Selina Kyle: Old rich bachelor himself Bruce Wayne.
Holly: How did you bump into him then?
Selina Kyle: I was getting mugged, he came and saved me. I have a date with him next Tuesday.
Holly: Oh lucky you. I thought you did you not go for rich shots such as Bruce Wayne.
Selina Kyle: He is different Holly; somehow when I was speaking to him I could a see beyond all his wealth and see a nice misunderstood man inside who is always
Holly: Hay Selina instead robbing museums by night maybe you could just marry Bruce Wayne and then divorce him then you will get most of the money. You would be loaded for life if you do that.
Selina Kyle: I may be despite and poor Holly but I would not marry a guy for money. I would marry a guy if I truly loved him and was willing to spend the rest of my life with him.
Holly: Oh look who has become choosy.
Selina Kyle: Well I have got to go there is a diamond museum nearby that I want to go robb.
Holly: I still think this is a bad idea and that costume looks dorky.
Selina Kyle: This costume fits like a glove and makes me feel sexy.

Ext Scene

Scene Change

On a rooftop not so far away Lt James Gordon calls upon Gotham hero to once again save the day. In a limo heading towards Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne notices the Batman signal is lit.

Bruce Wayne: The signal is lit.
Alfred: Well you must go.
Bruce Wayne: I have already got a spear costume with me. Well see you later Alfred.
Alfred Try to be careful Master Bruce.

Alfred looks around and notices that Bruce Wayne has vanished.

Alfred: He has really got to stop doing that vanishing trick of his.

In the dark night of Gotham City a light is shone from a high rooftop by Lt Jim Gordon, Batman arrives in haste to greet him.
Lt James Gordon: Youíre late.
Batman: I arrive when I need to, so whatís new.
Lt James Gordon: This killer has been leaving Joker cards at scenes of his crimes as well as his victims left smiling.
Batman: Where was the last attack?
Lt James Gordon: The docks near the Axis Chemical Plant.
Batman: Who did he hit?
Lt James Gordon: Just a few police officers, why?
Batman: There are no patterns in his attacks.
Lt James Gordon: Judging by his crimes, I say he lives in a world where chaos rules.
Batman: Have your men picked up any more Mob Bosses?
Lt James Gordon: Not since we captured most the Penguinís men, but we still have not captured the Penguin yet. I think all of the mob bosses have gone into hiding, My hunch is that they are planning something big.
Batman: WAR!
Lt James Gordon: It seems like the only solution; why else would they go into hiding.
Batman: Unless they are afraid.
Lt James Gordon: But of whom?
Batman: That is the question we must answer before we find out the hard way.
Lt James Gordon: Batman I almost forgot to tell you that Harvey Dent a new joined DA will be working with us on this case. Batman where are you?
Suddenly Lt James Gordon gets a message that there has been a robbery.
Police: There has been a robbery in the museum.
Lt James Gordon: What was stolen?
Police: Some rare diamonds.
Lt James Gordon: Have you identified the thief?
Police: A woman in a Cat suite. We are currently in pursuit.
Lt James Gordon: I will be there soon. Why canít I ever have a quiet night with out some nut evading the town, Barbra needs me more then ever now, is it always like this late nights and early days, only being able to see my wife and daughter for only a few minutes a day. Well ever since this Joker killer has been leaving the mark of his horrible deeds, my work has become more demanding, well Comminser Loeb has been tough on us; he really wants that nut behind bars. He also wants Batman behind bars. Well itís not all that bad, deep down I feel that my daughter will someday follow in my footsteps whether it is as a crime vigilante or just a police officer. Well she only may be seven but she is already starting to show character and always says she wants to be like those exterdy heroes that only exist in fiction. But deep down I know heroes do exist and make a difference no matter how much they are hated.
Lt James Gordonís Bodyguard: Well enough chit chat about your life story Sir we got to go, and letís see if your friend turns up.
Lt James Gordon: We will see, he has never let me down before and I donít think he will this time.

Ext Scene

Scene Change
In a grand diamond museum not to far away Catwoman descents from high window, when she lands on the ground, ten armed police officers are in the room.

Catwoman: Ah I see you boys are looking for some action, well here goes.

Suddenly one of the police officers orders an open fire on Catwoman.

Police officer 1: Fire!!! Get that damm woman.
Police officer 2: Sheís too fast sir.

Then Catwoman runs up the wall and gets her whip out, with her whip she grabs one of the men and scratches him with her claws, the police officer falls to the ground.

Meanwhile about ten minutes from the museum Lt James Gordon is rushing with a backup squad to avert the trouble.

Lt James Gordon: This is Gordon, what is your status team one?

Team one Leader: Sir we need back up, she has taken all our men out. She has disappeared, I am currently pursuing ahhhhhh. What are you?

Catwoman: I am Catwoman and I am the new Cow in town!!!!

Lt James Gordon: Step on it Clive.
Lt James Gordonís Bodyguard: Yes sir.

Back in the museum Catwoman has tied up the leader of team one near a smashed window.

Suddenly the man wakes up.

Team One Leader: Oh God where am I?
Catwoman: I love heights donít you officer?
Team One Leader: Let me go, I am an officer of law.
Catwoman: Oh I like a man with such power, now officer tell me what you know about Batman.
Team One Leader: I donít know anything about him.
Catwoman: Then I am going to have to let you go.
Team One Leader: Noooooo

Suddenly Catwoman lets go of the officer from her whip and kicks him out of the high window, he falls then Catwoman jumps down to catch him, she brings him back up.

Catwoman: The next time you lie to me, you might actually have a little accident.

Then at that moment Batman bust through a door. Then Catwoman turns around.

Catwoman: Ah the Batman we meet at last.
Batman: Surrender yourself Catwoman you are surrounded.
Catwoman: What are you talking about bozo, it is just you and me alone in this room, and does that give you any ideas.
Batman: Look behind you.

Catwoman looks behind her and notices down below that there are two swat teams and a swarming firing squad. She jumps out of the window next to her.
Down on the ground below Lt James Gordon is watching.

Lt James Gordon: Can you see her Sgt John.
Sgt John: She has disappeared Sir.
Lt James Gordon: Call the boys back this pursuit is over.

Back ten stories up, Batman activates his Bat wings and glides out of the window. He lands on a street where Catwoman is waiting.
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PostSubject: Re: BATMAN ESCALATION   Tue Feb 13, 2007 10:42 am

Ext Scene

Scene Change

In a tall skyscraper opposite Wayne Tower, one man who goes by the name of Roman Sionis is presenting a new product in front of the board of Wayne Enterprise.

Roman Sionis: Ladies And Gentlemen, I present the future of cosmetics; imagine a make up that could cure spots, rashes and not react to sensitive skin. With a little bit of this make up all those imperfections could go away instantly. Think about the amount of money you will gain when you invest in this product.
I will now be taking your questions.

Board Member 1: Mr Sionis, I like the idea of this product but has it been tested yet.
Roman Sionis: No sir, but once I have some funding I will be able to get some test subjects and a proper lab.
Board Member 2: With all due respect Roman, we are not willing to fund your projects with out some test subjects and also we do not think that investing in your cosmetics is the way forward for Wayne Industries.
Board Member 3: Also Mr Sionis, according to past exposure of your previous products, catastrophic results have occurred so we are not willing risk testing this latest product.
Roman Sionis: Board Members, surly you can get a second opioun from Bruce Wayne as he is the head of this company.
Board Member 4: Mr Wayne will be attending the next meeting, and he will give you his opioun then. Mr Sionis you are dismissed.

Roman Sionis arrives outside the board room where his fiancťe Circe is waiting.

Circe: How was the meeting Roman?
Roman Sionis: It was not good; I fear that Janus Cosmetics will go bankrupt. But Bruce Wayne will be at the next meeting maybe he can save the company from going broke by giving his opioun on the product.
Circe: Donít worry Roman, everything will be all right.
Roman Sionis: Why are people always putting my down and treating me like shit.
Circe: Not everyone treats you badly, I mean I love you and I treat you with respect. Also your parents when they were alive they treated you with respect.
Roman Sionis: Circe, donít you ever speak of my parents in front of me. You have no idea how they treated me, all they cared about was their rich life and their rich snooty friends rather then me. Like I remember the time when I told them that we were engaged.

Ext Scene

Scene Change
Switch to a scene where Roman Sionis is outside his parentís house. He looks slightly younger. He goes inside his house; there his mother and father are talking on the phone.

Mr. Sionis: I donít know Brad; I mean having the party in a simple club is just common. We need the party at a big place, how about my house. I mean it has about 100 rooms and a ballroom to match. Just hold on it a minute Brad.
Mrs. Sionis: Well Francis we are going to need new curtains, I am thinking red or maybe blue. Well I will talk to you later; I have a little problem to sort out.
Roman Sionis: Hi Mum and Dad, are you guys keeping well?
Mrs. Sionis: Roman what have me and your father told you about interpering our phone calls. What will the Joneses think of this, hanging up on them?
Roman Sionis: Mother, I have come to tell you the good news.
Mr. Sionis: What good news could possibly make up for hanging up on the Joneses for five whole minutes?
Roman Sionis: Well I have come to inform you that I am engaged.
Mrs. Sionis: To who, is she rich?
Mr. Sionis: Indeed, no son of ours is marrying a poor or middle class girl; I mean what our friends will think of us.
Roman Sionis: Well sorry to disappoint you guys, but she is not rich.
Mr. Sionis: You have brought shame to this family Roman. You are going to end up like Thomas and Marthaís Wayneís son Bruce Wayne, a good for nothing little twat head who only dates middle class girls. That man has ruined his fathers name as well as his own name.
Roman Sionis: But I love her Dad.
Mrs. Sionis: Love is nothing in this world Roman, money and identity is. Why do you think me and your father sent to you to all those prep schools and that fancy university Harvard.
Roman Sionis: Because you wanted the best for me.
Mrs. Sionis: No because we wanted to look good and now you have reduced us to being laughing stocks in front of all our friends.
Mr. Sionis: I am so ashamed to call you my son, do not come back Roman unless you find a rich girl understood.

Mr. and Mrs. Sionis both take out their phones and start talking again. Meanwhile Roman leaves the house in a rage.

Ext Scene

Scene Change

Switch back to the scene where Roman is talking to Circe.

Roman Sionis: Ever since that moment I resented them, frankly I am glad that they died.
Circe: Donít say that Roman they are still your parents.
Roman Sionis: No they were not my parents they were fucking people who only cared about their friends. You will never understand Circe.
Circe: Come on Roman lets go. Let us just now hope that Bruce will give your second product a good opioun and an investment of your future projects.
Roman Sionis: The meeting is in two days lets just hope for the best.
Circe: What do I always tell you to remember Roman?
Roman Sionis: There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
Circe: Quite right, now letís go.

Outside his old house Bruce Wayne greets Leslie, his foster mum.

Bruce Wayne: Itís been a long time Leslie, how are you?
Leslie: I am fine, look how you have grown, and now I hear you finally met someone.
Bruce Wayne: Did Alfred tell you that?
Leslie: I am so pleased you finally have met someone; I remember when you were just a teenager. You had no care in the opposite sex, anger was your motivation and revenge ruled your heart. Even when you had your first girlfriend she ran away from you when she found that gun under your pillow. But despite the early years when you used to beat up anyone who annoyed you, you still turned out great. Eventually you put your head down, studied hard and even got a place in Princeton.
Bruce Wayne: In my early years I was bitter Leslie, all I cared about was revenge and training myself in the arts of fighting and solving. But now as I have grown older I have come to aspirate the better things in life like work and love.
Leslie: Bruce no matter what you were like in the past, I am still proud of you and if Thomas and Martha were still alive today they would be too. You save loads of life each day with this Batman persona of yours.
Bruce Wayne: Thank you Leslie, when my parents died you was the one who gave me a home when everyone else turned me down. How is Tommy these days?
Leslie: He is fine, at the moment he is in England on a conference. He is really busy these days.

Suddenly a bleeper in Leslieís pocket goes of.

Leslie: I have to go, more people to save. Well Bruce, take care of yourself and give Alfred my regards.
Bruce Wayne: See you later Leslie.

Ext Scene

Scene Change

In the building opposite Wayne tower, Bruce Wayne is rushing for his board meeting.

Bruce Wayne: Good morning Betty, may I say that you are looking fabulous this morning, is that a new hair colour, it really suits you.
Betty: Thanks Bruce, do you really like it?
Bruce Wayne: Yes I do, black really suits you. It brings out the radiance in your eyes. Now tell me something.
Betty: Anything.
Bruce Wayne: Has the meeting with Mr Sionis begun yet?
Betty: Yes Bruce, it begun five minutes ago.
Bruce Wayne: Thanks Betty, you are a star. I have to go now.
Betty: Bruce wait, there is something I need to ask you.
Bruce Wayne: Yes Betty, what is it.
Betty: I was wondering if we could discuss some business plans over dinner.
Bruce Wayne: I will consider it greatly, but I am busy for the next week.
Betty: Okay, I will talk with you later.
Bruce Wayne: Okay see you later, you keep staying pretty okay.

Betty turns to her friend next to her.

Gail: Did you just get turned down by Mr Handsome, Betty.
Betty: Yes I did Gail.
Gail: Donít worry, there is always next time.

Bruce Wayne rushes in the board room.

Bruce Wayne: Sorry I am late Board members, the traffic these days.
Board Member 1: Mr Wayne may we introduce you to Mr Roman Sionis.
Roman Sionis: Nice to see you again Bruce, itís been a long time since the old childhood days.
Bruce Wayne: Yes it has Roman, too long old friend.
Board Member 2: If you donít mind Bruce, we have a meeting to be getting on with.
Bruce Wayne: Ah yes, now gentlemen update me on the situation.
Board Member 3: Well Mr SionisÖ
Roman Sionis: Let me explain if you please. Here is the situation Bruce. The board of directors feel that they are wasting their time investing in my new make up. I need your opioun for the product as you are the head of the company.
Bruce Wayne: Thatís fine Roman but has your product been tested?
Roman Sionis: No because I feel that it does not need testing, my men have assured me that it is safe.
Bruce Wayne: Roman I am not willing to invest in your product unless you first test it.
Roman Sionis: You donít understand Bruce; my men have assured me that it is safe and I do trust my men with my life.
Bruce Wayne: Roman I am not really interested in investing in your product.
Roman Sionis: But Bruce it is the future.
Bruce Wayne: Wayne Enterprise is interested in moving forward with technology not make up Roman.
Roman Sionis: Bruce please reconsider.
Bruce Wayne: Roman, I am going to buy your company of you and turn into a research faculty for Wayne Enterprise to research new cures for Cancer.
Roman Sionis: You canít do this to me Bruce, that company is my life.
Bruce Wayne: Sorry Roman its just business.
Roman Sionis: You will pay all pay for this, I hate you all, you heard me. You all think that you can hide behind your masks that you are all wearing. But you canít, not for any longer.

Suddenly Roman picks up a chair and throws it at the window. From outside Roman Sionis`s fiancť Circe walks into the board room.

Circe: Roman carm down darling.
Roman Sionis: Donít call me darling, you snake of a woman.
Circe: What did you call me Roman?
Roman Sionis: You heard me, you are not so innocent either, you always turn me down and never support me when I most need it. How can I spend the rest of my life with you Circe? You are a burden to me.
Circe: Is that what I am a burden, well if you think that I am a burden then take back this ring and forget about us. We are finished you heard me. I canít believe I loved you.

She runs out of the room crying then Roman Sionis walks out of the room in a rage.

Ext Scene

Scene Change
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