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PostSubject: Villains   Mon Jul 02, 2007 6:52 pm

I told you I'd have some posted... So here they are.



Metatron is the Heaven King, the title of the one who rules the heavens. He was birthed as a Seraphim, the highest Caste of Angels there is, and usualy the only type that ever takes major political roles. His genious in Magic was recognized from even a very young age, when he was hailed as one who could be a turning factor in the war between Heaven and Hell. Their interest Piqued, the then Heaven King Enoch and next in line Zophar decided that the boy had potential and took him as an apprentice. Over the next couple thousand years (One year to an angel is as 100 years to a human), Metatron overwhelmed even the high expectations set apon him, and was selected by Heaven King Zophar as his succesor without a second thought. Metatron took the position eagerly, but with his power now virtualy unlimited, he began enacting extremely harsh rule as part of his plan of complete war against Hell. He ordered the death of all demons living on Earth and in Heaven, and taking the battlefield of the war to Earth, with no regard for any loss of life on the part of humans. His rain of terror over heaven marked him as the "Mad Heaven King". He eventually ordered the death of all angels with more then one 16th Demon blood within them, a command which Qezel barely escaped as a child. But Qezel knew nothing of Metatron, and as he reached maturity Metatron took note of his strange and potent abilities and sent Angels to great him. Metatron played on Qezel's upbringing on Earth, and painted Angels as absolute good in the war on Hell... He made Qezel into an agent for a while, until Qezel realized he was as corrupt as the demons they were combating, and left his rule. Metatron was furious with this, and turned the forces of heaven against Qezel, a new enemy Qezel would need to handle for the rest of his life.


Metatron's personality stands out by his extreme paranoia. He eliminates anything that could possibly be a threat to his monarchy, with little to no concern for the plausibility of the threat or the humanity of his attempts to comabt it. He holds extreme rascism for all humans and demons and thinks they should all be exterminated. And despite all his power, he disdains personal action... After all, he could get hurt, couldn't he?

Powers and Abilities:

Metatron's powers and skills are marked as literally one in an Eon. His power was already far above typical Angels, and when he received the 16 wings customary for a heaven king, they only got greater because of the wings enchantment. Not satisfied, he worked endlessly to expand the enchantment to 32 wings, which puts him as more powerful then even any previous Heaven King. Though his physical attributes are enhanced (Class 70 or so) his real power comes from his magic and techniques.


Metatron appeares as a humanoid figure made of pure light, with thirty-two wings. These wings come in both the functional type projecting from the back (He has eight of these) and small ornamental wings jetting back from his arms, legs, and head, giving him a very decorated and aerodynamic appearence. The wings on his face curve about as to give a crown/helmet sort of appearence.

Next up: When I get some more time, I'm going to put up the Lords of Hell, and then after that I'll put down minor villains.
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