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 Aliens Unleased (My Idea For Alien 5)

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PostSubject: Aliens Unleased (My Idea For Alien 5)   Wed Feb 14, 2007 7:47 am

Hi guys this is a little script idea I came up with if they do an Alien 5 film.

Synopsis of Aliens Unleashed
Set between Alien and Aliens, Aliens Unleashed tells the story of Jimmy Biggs, the husband of Ellen Ripley. It has been ten years since Ripley went on voyage in space and had her first encounter with the Alien. Strongly believing that she is not dead, Jimmy gathers a crew to go find her in space. But along the way Jimmy and his crew crash onto an unknown planet. This is where the nightmare begins and Jimmy tries to survive the same furious creature that Ripley died fighting in Alien 3.

Credits open with Ripley running down a dark corridor with a flamethrower in her hand. She appears to be on a ship, all around her the ship is shaking and the glass is smashing. Suddenly she hears the sound of loads of Aliens coming after her.

Ellen Ripley: Newt, Biggs are you there?

Then the lights go out and she hears the scream coming from her communication device. Then one Alien comes closer to Ripley, she drops her gun, then suddenly the Alien unleashes its long killing tongue. Then Ripley wakes up from the nightmare she has just been having. She is lying in bed next to her boyfriend Jimmy Biggs.

Jimmy Biggs: Are you alright Ellen?
Ellen Ripley: I am fine now; I just had the most horrible nightmare.
Jimmy Biggs: You look you have, you are sweating.
Ellen Ripley: I just need to go get a glass of water.
Jimmy Biggs: Okay.

She comes back after five minutes.

Jimmy Biggs: So Ellen what was this nightmare about?
Ellen Ripley: It starts with me running through these series of doors; I appear to be on a spaceship and I am carrying a flamethrower. I felt very choplogic in the space I was in. I can hear the sound of strange creatures that had acid for blood. There was also the sound of a female voice saying “Ten Seconds till detonation.” The windows were breaking and the ship was shaking. Then the lights went out then I felt a surge of pain as the Alien approached me and its long tongue had some how stabbed me.
Jimmy Biggs: Its okay Ellen.
Ellen Ripley: I will tell you something else………
Jimmy Biggs: What is that then?
Ellen Ripley: I have had these dreams before, like last night I dreamed that I was an experiment and had been cloned from these creatures.
Jimmy Biggs: Dreams pass Ellen, these nightmares you have had mean nothing.
Ellen Ripley: But as they say Jimmy dreams tell you future or past.
Jimmy Biggs: I can assure you Ellen that these dreams will pass.
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Aliens Unleased (My Idea For Alien 5)
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